Time Management Mindset

What is mindset?

Mindset is a habit of thinking, the way of thought, a conditioning structure of how we perceive the world.

Everything starts from the mind. So what is on your mind constantly will determine the actions you take every day.

What is the value of your time?

Priceless for me. If it is the same to you, how do you treat it? How to you leverage it? How do you guard it?

Time is routine for many working adults – Never having enough time for self and desiring complete relaxation after the everyday commitments are done.

“The value of your time determines what you do about it.”

You are not as busy as you would like to admit…

No time? Don’t have time? Not enough time? Too busy? What is the usual number ONE excuse for not doing anything?

These are common excuses for true reasons:

  • You just simply don’t want to – a common getaway without hurting anyone’s feeling
  • You don’t feel that its worth your while – thus you don’t have the strong urge or lack motivation to do it.
  • You didn’t spend your time wisely or as wise as you want – That’s why you are here, right? *wink*

 For the everyday people, every working day is a race against time (Maximum Stress) while every non-working moment is a dance with time (Total Relaxation / Entertainment). Do you ever work with time?

Make Time

While there is time for everything – Everything takes time and place.

It is good that you have a strong belief that with your time management skills, you can squeeze the time out for whatever you want to achieve. However, remain focused on the priority that has the biggest impact in your life.

Avoid multitasking: You will be wasting more time most of the time, especially when switching tasks. The more frequent you switch between tasks, the more time you wasted in transition as you gotta:

  • Wrap up  the previous task
  • Catch up to the current one where you left off previously
  • Drop the previous task completely so that you can concentrate on the current one.

If you can’t drop the previous task mentally, you will lose focus or even go back to the previous task. The bigger the projects that you have, the time wasted will scale up.“When you are saying Yes! to something, you are saying No! to the REST”– Managing Priorities

Tony Robbins: “Time is Emotion”?

You will never have enough time if you don’t feel that the time is well spent. (That’s my thought on the video below)

How do We Apply the Mindset to Time Management?

In my previous post, Time Management Techniques, which discuss on the internal time management quality. With Awareness and Clarity, you will be able to identify and define the things that you want to achieve in life. Thus keeping them on top of your mind, which brings about focus and concentration.

Next we looked into the Skills of Time Management, suggesting various ways to help you take action.

My next post will be Just 1 Second Faster – My Personal Time Management Strategy. Hope you enjoyed your time here.

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