Decision Making

The Power Of Now

Eckhart Tolle’s The Power Of Now

The Power of Now, some said it is a hard book to read, some said that this book is a waste of time, some said that it’s their lifesaver. It is entirely up to you to experience and interpret it… WARNING: The Introduction and Chapter 1 can be rather boring but essential as it sets […]

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Time Management Skills

Time management skill is acquired through constant practice of the understanding of your activities measured in terms of time on various aspect to get more done with less time, more efficiently and more effectively: Decision Making With More Clarity Mapping your day to day tasks to a Task Priority Matrix or a Rewards vs Effort […]

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Making Decisions

After a long break from everything, I have come back to fight for everything I desire – My life, my success and my legacy. Remember the question in the last post where there are 10 birds on a tree, 3 decided to fly away. How many are left behind? Well the answer is 10. Decision […]

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