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After watching Noah Kagan’s chat with Productivity YouTubers on how they spent their free time. Productivity Experts have FREE time? It’s easy to see that productivity means very differently each of the Productivity Experts featured. Different Purpose and Goals in Life results in different Intensities of Productivity.

Productivity in Mathematical Calculations is Production (Output) divided by Resources (Input). So to be a Productivity Experts, Either you are an Expert in Maximizing Output or Minimizing Input or an Optimal Balancer of Both.

Are You Looking for “To the Best of My Abilities” or “Remove or Reduce All My Limits”? If any of the above Productivity Experts interest You, Feel Free to Follow Them below:

Ultimately You are the Judge of Your Own Accomplishments – How wide and how deep You Want to Be. To Someone, conquering the whole earth may not be enough. Yet someone can be more content, living with almost nothing to boast or brag about.

To Each, His or Her Own…

So, which type of Productivity Expert are You Looking to be?

The Maximalist aka The Machine – Maximum Output

Work! Work! Work! But at the same time, they could be the “Work Hard, Play Harder” People. Else why Work?Working hard to enjoy Life More – Everything In Life pushed to the Max. Achievements, Accomplishments, Enjoyment.

“Go Big or Go Home! All in!” Being those that perform at the peak level constantly, It’s easy to spot them and model them.

The problem is no matter how rich we can get, we can never take them to our afterlife.

A Maximalist would have tonnes of experiences as they are the ultimate doers. Things to learn from them would be Getting Things Done, Setting Deadlines, Resourcefulness, etc.

The Elite aka The Master – All it takes is One.

While I wanted to name it as The Specialist, “Specialist” doesn’t really give this title any justice as it simply means someone who is focused on a single profession or skills, and it doesn’t mean they are the best. Or maybe because I came across too many “specialists” in titles.

Can’t help but use this movie, Troy as an example of Optimal Productivity. Here, Achilles spent the least time on the battlefield, being late and simply not interested at all. But with one swing of his sword, the war is won. Minimum Effort, Maximum Impact.

Being the very Best allows you to Negotiate on your Terms, or similar to another common story that is floating in the Internet: “Knowing Where to Hammer to Charge a Premium Bill”.

To be the Very Best on the path towards Excellence or Perfection. One Needs to “Begin With The End in Mind” and Reverse Engineer. What needs to be happened for the End Goal to be accomplished? And Work all the way back to the Present, And that is your blueprint to Your Mastery.

Things to learn from them would be Critical Thinking, System Thinking, Finding the Balance, Awareness and Understanding Interconnections and Interrelativites, etc.

Ever wanted to be the high-caliber Problem Solver? The Elite? The Best in the Industry, the Go-To-Guy when Stakes are High? In order to be a Master, One Starts from being a Learner…

The Student aka The Learner – Capabilities Maximizer

Practise, Practise, and Practise. It is only through Actions that will get You Results and Experiences. Theory can only take you so far.

Learn, Unlearn, Relearn and Cross-learn.

Learning is a Lifelong Journey and you don’t know what you don’t know until you learn and have more clarity and choices in life. Unlearning is the art to never assume and always keeping an open mind, as new data is always coming out: “Empty Your Cup to Fill Your Cup with New Tea”. Relearning is the process of synergizing existing knowledge and new information. While Cross-Learning is the most interesting part where you learn the success from one domain to apply it in another.

Things to learn from them would be Accelerated Learning, Learning How to Learn, Knowledge Management, and Awareness and Resourcefulness, and Learning from the Best.

“Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry…” – Steve Jobs

The Minimalist aka The Monk

Human has a very limited life span on earth and everything is transient. So basically, Do What You Need to Do for your living expenses and the rest of the time is yours to spend the way you like.

Things to learn from them: Being Happy and Achieving Happiness, Minimalist Living, Evaluating Your Needs versus Your Wants, Living with What is Essential and you would come to realize you don’t really need a lot of things in life.

So What is the Ultimate Goal in Your Quest for Productivity?

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