About Max Yeo


Most probably you don’t know me. Max is my nickname for everyone to remind me: Maximum Participation in terms of Efforts and Energy towards Excellence in Whatever I do. – Living Life to the MAX

My definition for MAX: Mastery, Actions & X-Factor.

Being a Perfectionist for Years, I always want the Best and would pursue the Best with all my resources and resourcefulness – Mastery, to be the best in my life, is essential to me but that’s just impossible – Too much in a lifetime.

“Perfect” is unachievable and if achieved, it’s only a very temporary state. In fact, it may only last as long as a few seconds before you feel that there can be another improvement to be made.

“A Perfectionist is insufferable in Imperfections”

I am a forward-thinking and pragmatic person, who would always challenge the status quo. So contrary to belief, in order to be “perfect”, I would need to show more of my flaws than to hide it.

Thus, I wouldn’t get rid of my “Perfectionist” label, as I manage to reframe my flaw in another way: “Practical Perfectionist” – Practicality comes before Perfection. As the saying goes:

“Done Beats Perfect Anytime, Every Time”

Action is the only thing that gets You Results, results to improve on, results to be happy with, results to share with, results to grow, results to learn and reflect.

When all things being equal, you need to have the X-Factor to be outstanding and outshine your competitors. Pushing the edge to make a difference, the eXtra mile just to make you smile.

As the saying goes…

While I am building on my social profile, the thing that you should really focus on is: “Do I have something valuable that you can benefit from?”

Well, thats all for now as I would want you to shift your focus away from me. Hope you’ll enjoy my blog.

Thanks for the interest in me. Till Then.