Making Decisions

After a long break from everything, I have come back to fight for everything I desire – My life, my success and my legacy.

Remember the question in the last post where there are 10 birds on a tree, 3 decided to fly away. How many are left behind? Well the answer is 10.

Decision does not equal to Action

I learnt this while attending an Anthony Robbins’ seminar. The reason behind – In life, we make lots of decisions, almost every single day, but not all the decisions lead to actions. We would stop at certain points where:

  • We start to have doubts
  • Changed our minds
  • Didn’t have enough motivation to carry on
  • Didn’t see enough satisfying result to carry on
  • or that we just simply give up along the way

What we decided in the past, lead us to the present. What we decide now, lead us to our future. If you have a book about yourself, do you realized that you are the author who is filling in the page everyday? What kind of life you have is determined by the decisions you made.

One of the common self-help classification of  people are as follows:

  1. The Players – People who would do what they can (Usually with high self-belief and confidence, even tho they don’t win all the time)
  2. The Losers – People who will play victim and start whining, or who aren’t even looking for a win in the first place. They may even pull you down to make themselves feels equal.
  3. The Spectators – Passive people with mediocre lives – one who will just sit and watch the action goes by, or those who did lots of things, but just not the correct ones.

Guess what? You get to decide who you want to be any time of the day!

“It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. “

– Anthony Robbins

More on Players, Losers & Spectators in my next post. See you then.

“Are you moving towards your goal or away from it today?”

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