Simon Sinek’s Start With Why Part4: How to Rally Those Who Believe

Start With Why Part 4 Book Club With Simon Sinek

Chapter 8 Start With Why, But Know HOW & Chapter 9 Know WHY, Know How, Then WHAT?

One leader with vision could not change the world; actions gets the result and make the changes. So a leader has to assemble a team – A team that knows HOW to bring his vision – the WHY to life.

Why is Always at the Core of the How and What

This is my interpretation of the golden circle turning into a cone structure. WHY is always the main core of every layer be it view from the top view and or dissected.

It is the leader’s responsibility that the company stays true to his vision of WHY, while his team decides the HOW based on his WHY, and for the rest to carry out the WHAT with the HOW & WHY in mind.

leader’s vision of WHY, to team's strategy of HOW to everyone's WHAT to do with the HOW & WHY in mind.

Like in the movies or documentary, when Steve Jobs started Apple Computers in his dad’s garage, Steve Wozniak was his HOW guy to check on the friends he hired to do the WHAT (Assembly of the electrical boards). Without them, Steve Jobs’s Apple may still just be an idea in his mind

Chapter 10 Communication Is Not About Speaking, It’s About Listening

When you speak, you already knew the content. But when you listen, there are things to learn. Or as the saying goes, God gave us two ears to listen more, than to use our single mouth to speak.

I would just like to emphasize the importance of the quote from the Apple video below. Don’t be biased and just hear from people with rank, seniority, status or years in ages.

“The very best ideas can very often come from the quietest voice” – Sir Jonathan Paul “Jony” Ive, Apple Chief Design Officer (CDO)


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