FEAR: Face Emotional Assumption Realistically

Whenever you felt fear, anchor this as your response: Face Emotional Assumption Realistically. Chances are, in reality, it is not as scary as you thought.

Fear is our mind’s innate ability to protect us – it exists in all of us, even the fearless ones. Like an overprotective parent, it meant well but can sometimes inhibit our growth, especially in the comfort zone area where it strengthens the boundaries, keeping us within.

Will Smith Shares His “Before Skydiving” Emotions & Experiences

“God Placed The Best Things In Life On The Other Side Of Fear” – Will Smith

Time to be real. Heard of “Only crazy people jump out of a perfectly working aircraft flying in the air”? The truth is there is always a certain risk to such extreme sports or adventure, but usually, it comes with an amazing reward – “Fortune Favors The Brave”.

Thousands of planes flew around the world every day (Before Covid-19). Did one crash stop air travel? No. Did that discourage people? Maybe, but they just change to an airline that they feel they can trust their life with.

Then again, what human activities don’t have a risk? People have died while doing anything. Statistics shows. There are more deaths in traffic accidents, diseases, etc than when people are doing what they feel truly alive…

To a certain extent, I believe in fate when it’s time to meet the maker. No matter what we do, we could just depart this world by a heart attack.

“When it’s time… it’s time…”

Why Worry?

I really like this framework from Gaur Gopal Prabhu – How he shows you whatever you do, you don’t have to worry…

Feeling Negative? Pessimistic? Positive? Optimistic?

I anchored this as “NPPO” – No Problem! Proceed On! This also reminds me that while it’s good to make full use of empowering emotions, we must also learn to let go of disempowering emotions that can cripple us when they happened.

“Adapt What is Useful, Reject What is Useless, And Add What is Specifically Your Own.” – Bruce Lee

Human Beings always feels – Feelings are a part of us. It is something that is always there. Where we focus, we will see more of it.

And remember Life is 10% Events and 90% Response, We can always choose our reactions. The more prepared we are, the more wise choices we can make to achieve the best outcome.


Tony Robbins mentioned that we humans have primarily 2 Fears that can stop us from taking action or moving forward.

  1. We’re Not Enough.
  2. We Won’t be Loved.

Fear of Failure? Fear of Success? Fail of Rejection? Fear of Love? Fear of Something Precious such as Life or Love? Fear of Loss? Fear of Being Alone? Fear of Uncertainty? And more.

Even Fear of Death, Fear of the Past, Fear of Creatures, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) could have such underlying primary fears behind it.

Use Fear or be used by Fear

We need to face our fear, fully understand why we feel such emotions to step out of it, and eventually overcome it. Understand that everyone can and will feel fear, but we shall do our best not to let it hinder us.

If you are a religious person, then trust that It’s not that God won’t give you more than you can handle, but that God will help you handle all that you’ve been given. 1 Corinthians 10:13:

No testing has overtaken you which is not common to everyone. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength, but with the testing, he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it.

Or if you are not a religious person, then Fate has it that you are meant to achieve a great story of triumph over adversity or hardship. When was the last time that you overcame something that was hard in life? How did you feel?


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