About Time Management

Time Facts

  • You cannot control time. Time doesn’t belong to anyone – It can never be managed.
  • Time is not a resource, it can never be stopped, reversed, or saved for later use.
  • Time is a measurement, which simply moves on – Every moment is every passing second.
  • “If you don’t use it, you will lose it” – As every second goes by, every second of your life is goneā€¦
  • Everyone, even the most powerful or the richest, has 168hrs per week, 24 hrs per day. No more no less – The same as you.

What Is Time Management?

Based on the above, There’s no such thing as time management; only Self Management. To me, The concept is should be known as Time-based Self Management. But i guess someone along the line shortcut it to Time Management.

Time Management is about the application of a system or systems on how we function with efficiency and effectiveness based on the measure of time. We can come up with a lot of system variations but you must choose the one that suits you best.

In its essence, it is about how we can do things…

  • How fast can you get things done?
  • How much faster can you improve?
  • More Efficient
  • More Effective
  • Better Prepared
  • Doing things that increase your power
  • Stop doing things that decrease your power

Common tools that we can used to aid us in the mastery of best use of our time comes in the forms of:

  • The Handy Notebook (For ideas recording, reminders and whatever brilliance the mind may forget in a moment)
  • Task Priority Matrix (Identifying Important and Urgent task as well as task that can be delegated or avoid doing)
  • Organizers / Planners / Reminders (Calendars, Schedules, To Do list, Checklists)
  • Time Trackers (Software, Timers, Stopwatch, Alarms)
  • Information Processing (Document Handling Methods / Filing System)
  • Categorizing Tools (Storage Boxes, Labels, Shelves, Setting Rules)
  • Focus Tools (Working in your best time slots / Setting Time Challenges / Competition / Accountability Partners)
  • Time Defenders (Post it Notes, Do Not Disturb sign, Phone Answering Machine, Audio Headset)
  • Energy Boosters (Good sleeping habits, Quality sleeping condition, Energy supplements, Healthy exercise and diet)

Why You Should Learn Time Management Skills?

Benefits of good time management skills – you can:

  • Be more productive in whatever you do
  • Reducing stress by being able to act proactively and calmly
  • Overcome time wastage
  • Declutter your life
  • Gain confidence, self-esteem and sense of personal power as you move towards your goal
  • Prioritize, plan and perform tasks effectively
  • Faster in accomplishing goals by being more efficient and effective
  • Working less by being more effective time wise
  • Meeting deadlines with assurance
  • Have a simplified and more balanced lifestyle with proper structure and order
  • Start your day being more prepared in handling whatever situation that arise
  • Gain time freedom
  • Able to have more time for yourself: “Your Time, Your Choice”
  • Become a better human – Child, Spouse, Parent, Buddy, Friends, etc
  • Turn dreams to reality

Brian Tracy’s 6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

  1. Prepare In Advance The Previous Night
  2. Schedule Your Time – Appointments, reminders, deadlines, etc.
  3. Start Early With A Clear Head
  4. Organizational Skill – Having a filing system
  5. Increase Your Productivity – Working at your best hours
  6. Travel Productivity – Maximize the time used on travelling, especially in the air.

Stay tuned for more Time Productivity Learning!

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