7 Habits of Highly Effective People Part 1

The first part of this book is to help you to begin improving your life in the right approach with a correct mindset and guided principles.


It is a theory, mental concept, thought patterns, perspective or mindset. Common terms like Paradigm shift refers to the changing of mindset.

The Paradigm must be set right first, regardless of attitude or behaviors. It is the blueprint for what you want to create. A map of where you want to go. If there is an error inside, you may not get to where you want or what you want, no matter how good or positive your attitude or behavior is. It can be described as driving a full gas Ferrari with well maintenance in the wrong direction – You will not get to where you want!

So how do we go about doing it? Everything starts in the mind. So in order to achieve any success, our Perception has to be right – The way we perceive or “see” things and the way we interpret and understand them forms the basic fundamental of our actions and directions.

The significant problems we faced cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them
-Albert Einstein


While Paradigms are the Whats, Principles forms the Hows.

Principles are a set of guidelines of natural laws that have universal applications. Example from the book: Principle of Growth – The process of releasing potential and developing talents, with the accompanying need for principles such as patience, nurturance and encouragement.

Interesting to read on what principles are not in the book too.


The most important lesson in this part for me is Accountability.

  • To Change our situation, we must change ourselves first
  • To get what you want, you need to pay the price for it
“Putting the responsibility of life back to the one living in it”

To continue discussing on the book – Part2
Do recommend this book if it has done good things for you and to share your most important lesson below




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